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Become the best salesman thanks to 7 points !

CommercialJack Welch said “Either you are the best at what you do, or you do not do it very long.”

This quote can be available for everyone, even for a salesman. Indeed when you’re a salesman you have to be the best if you want to deal with competition, because there are many salesmen.

But how to become a good salesman?

Some personality traits are essential to become a good (or the best!) salesman!

First of all you have to be an optimistic person:

Indeed you have to be sure that you will succeed in your work. You will meet a lot of customers who will say no, but you should not be affected by this failure and keep in mind that you will succeed. Failures are temporary! But you have to analyse your failures if you want to rebound.

Then you must be persuasive:

A salesman is a seller and there is no sell without persuasion! You have to convince someone to buy something, and for that your skills are essentials.

Perseverance is another essential point:

Refusal must not stop you, you have to keep selling. Sometimes to achieve your goal and sell something you’ll go to see your customers several times and call him a lot of time. That’s why patience is necessary.

You don’t have to be afraid:

Afraid of what?

  • You don’t have to be afraid to meet customers because it’s an integral part of your work. You must be comfortable and relaxed.
  • And you should not be afraid when someone say you no, you shouldn’t think that everyone will say no. You can succeed and can’t be afraid of failure.

You have to be competitive:

Competition is everywhere, you should make the difference. If you’re not competitive you won’t find customers and sell your products or services.

Then you should know and control the business methods:

Best salesmen know that sale is a real job and so methods are necessary. They have to learn to sell, even if intuition and personality are important too. And you must stay informed!

And to finish an essential point is to know your product or service:

If you don’t know what you sell you won’t succeed! You have to know every characteristics, advantages and defaults. And of course you must know your customer if you want to know what he needs and how to convince him.

Do you agreed with these points? Do you think a good salesman is someone with these characteristics?

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