Brain Power

pouvoir du cerveauThe brain is the cockpit of any alive body, it is at work , without respite, as well in the private life as the professional life and even during our sleep. In return, the cerebrum transmits us of numerous messages and receives millions of information per day. Let us cease separating those who are “gifted” of those who are less. Everybody can learn! We are all potential « geniuses ».

Mind power is important in our daily live, we have two different types of memory which are used in the left side and the other on the right side. These are short term memory and long memory.

The brain reacts strongly to the individual environment. It is also the siege of our souvenirs and our memory. But now the memory is largely assisted, or replaced, by the effect of our computers. Unfortunately, growing tendency is to confide their personal data to services store them on remote servers. The continued availability of these data, their continuous updates, the capacity to share them constitute strong arguments in favour of these services. Do not be blind by all that, and let us make sure to keep the .control of what belongs to us.

Thus to develop our memory and use our brain correctly, it is necessary to take advantage of human nature and stop being slaves to technology. Why being a hostage of machines while we have all the intellectual capacities to be completely autonomous with the immense power of our brain.


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