How to be a good manager !

The institute Hogan Assessments (institute specialized in the analysis of the impact of personality in business) has just published a study according to which bad managers would cost billions of euros each year to companies. Here are some keys to become an excellent manager.

Set goals

A manager is a team captain, he gives the tempo. Having clear goals allows employees to know the destination to follow individually and collectively. Concretely setting your goals will empower your employees and keep them focused. Don’t be the kind of manager who criticize without bringing anything back. You have to inspire because your team is waiting for the chance to trap you.

Always have a positive attitude

A good manager must be able to motivate his team, whatever happens, you must have a positive attitude that will infuse your team. A pessimistic manager may quickly see his team becoming demotivated. If you manage your team by respecting the values ​​of each of its members, they will give you 100% of their abilities.


A good manager must be a good communicator. He knows how to speak, but even more important, he knows how to listen. Multiply the meetings with your collaborators. Ask questions, this will help anticipate possible crises. Communication clearly helps to avoid misunderstandings and to move in the same direction.

To delegate

Being able to delegate is one of the essential keys of management. Being a manager doesn’t mean doing everything, no one can take care of every aspect of a business. By delegating some tasks, you show to your employees that you trust them. As they take on more responsibilities, your employees will develop a desire of giving themselves again. Delegating is giving your employees tasks that will expand their skills and make them progress. In the long run this will play a positive role in productivity.


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