How to organise your time ?

Gestion du temps de travailAt work we have deadlines and because of those we try every day to be on time! But it isn’t easy and leads to be stressed!

To avoid that we have to organise our time and our priorities!

Some methods can help you to achieve your goal and to finish your work on time!

Order your priorities per category:

Time is a relative notion. Indeed it seems to be fast when we do something that we like, but to be very slow when we hate what we’re doing. That’s why we have to manage our priorities. For that, we have to know exactly what we want, our objectives, missions… And then you sort per category the tasks. There are 4 categories:

  • Urgent and important
  • Urgent but not important
  • Important but not urgent
  • Not urgent and not important

When your tasks are classified you’ll be able to order your priorities.

Of course you must choose what you prefer to do first, the tasks not urgent and not important but quick or the important and urgent tasks even If it takes a long time.

Make a list:

Something can help you: write in order every tasks of the day on a paper that you keep on your desk.

It permits to know exactly what you have to do and to focus on your work. You won’t lose yourself asking what the next task is and starting everything at once. And you’ll be happy to erase your tasks when you’ve finished.

Manage the unexpected things:

Of course your schedule does not only depend on you. You have to work with some colleague or to attend at meeting and you don’t decide the time schedules. So in your timetable you have to manage the unexpected things.

Pace of work:

You should consider your own pace. Indeed if you’re more efficient during the morning do your important and urgent tasks.

Say no and delegate:

Even if you have ordered all your tasks, some may add. You can quickly find yourself overwhelmed and that’s why you have to say no! You can’t do everything! And you can delegate your tasks, good manager delegates in order to focus on the important project.

Organise your desk:

Another point: you may clean up your desk! Thanks to this you’ll be able to find every important document in one second and won’t lose time.

Focus on cultural practices:

In France time is important but punctuality is variable. We can start a meeting later, allow time for small talk, we don’t impose time limits on discussion. But time schedules are rarely respected, we don’t leave work too early and we don’t divide work and social time too rigidly.

In UK timetables and schedules are very important. They don’t miss a deadline without being seen like inefficient. They keep in mind long-term objectives and are direct when they speak. They are not late, they don’t forget to complete the tasks, they don’t waste time and are not disorganised.

Do you know another way to organise your time? Do you think some methods work better than other?

Leave us a comment!


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