The inventions which revolutionized the world!

A bit of culture never hurts, and this time we’re going to talk about inventions, not least, because each one of them is now part of history. Whether it’s simple gadgets that improve everyday life or true revolutions for humanity. If it had not already been there, it would have been indispensable to invent them. Here are the top 10 inescapable inventions, which have changed the world.


1- The vaccine

Before the vaccine, the mortality rate was very high. Today, some vaccine-preventable diseases can be prevented. Many decades of generations can then thank Louis Pasteur for this magnificent invention!

2- The paper

Nothing is worth writing. Men would not be as well developed and educated if they had not learned and transcribed their ideas and theories on paper, and passed them on to subsequent generations. Today, however, the world consumes about 339 million tonnes of paper every year.

3- The shower

Invented in 1872, the shower was democratized by François Merry Delabost. Initially, it was to provide a personal jet of water to each inmate in the sanitary facilities of the prisons. Little by little, the showers were invited into the houses.

4- The plane

It was in 1890 that the first man in the world announced that he flew aboard an airplane: Frenchman Clément Ader. The plane then completely reformed the air transport, formerly represented by hot air balloons, helicopters or gliders. Several fields have benefited from the invention of the plane: the transport of people and goods, the army, the post office, and many others.

5- The telephone

The letters are romantic but they are lost, and they take time to arrive. The telegram is practical but not personal enough. This is how the phone has revolutionized the world of remote communication: since its invention, voices have been able to traverse entire kilometers.

6- The refrigerator

It is obvious that the refrigerator has changed the world of households overnight. Indeed, very many households had difficulty in storing their food during the great summer heat. Today, there must be more fans of cool drinks than believers in the world.

7- Canned food

Just like the refrigerator, canning has been a great revolution in the world. Practical for improvised meals, easy to store, preserves appeal to everyone. Fruits, vegetables, meat or fish, there are as many categories of preserves today.

8- The light bulb

Turning electrical energy into light was a good idea, especially since the use of oil or other light sources was impractical and not safe enough.

9- The cinema

The Lumière brothers had a good idea to invent cinema: it is today one of the favorite pastimes in the world. An entire industry was built around it, and many jobs were created.

10- The condom

If the Americans had not created the condom, the world would not be as such. Today, more and more associations are campaigning to raise people’s awareness of the use of condoms so that they are immune to sexually transmitted diseases and to manage their family planning.


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