Thibault MALLECOURT – Les Petits Frenchies: A start up that awakens the made in France!

At 30, Thibaut Mallecourt is the happy founder of Les Petits Frenchies, a platform dedicated to French brands. After the web magazine, Thibault Mallecourt and his team launched the e-shop in 2014 which, to date, already federates a large community of French lovers. How did this young entrepreneur, who started from nothing, make Little Frenchies a lightning success of the Made in France? Here’s the whole story:


Graduate of a Master’s in Entrepreneurship, Thibault Mallecourt becomes in 2010, the Founder of Sowetrip, which is the first community platform of weekend program online offering community travel. Initially, this had only a pedagogical purpose but given the success of the application, a company was created. The business was developed for two and a half years and was then sold to the Easy Voyages agency, where he became the marketing director in 2011. He worked there for a few years and launched in parallel his Web magazine Les Petits Frenchies, a platform dedicated to Brands. Little by little, the magazine took form as an e-shop and today, on social networks, brings together a large community of fans fond of « made in France ».

The birth of a successful brand…

At the time, Thibaut Mallecourt had several blogs that he animated the evenings and the weekends as a hobby. He had several articles on his blog such as « Happy Man », where he listed nice products for men. Then he launched « Make a Man Happy », then « Make a Happy Woman », on the theme of gifts; The last in the series was called « Start-up my love ». In the end, what emerged from all these activities was French entrepreneurship and innovative projects. He therefore merged all these blogs by creating Les Petits Frenchies. From the beginning, he had an economic vision of what he wanted.

Indeed, it started from the observation that France was overflowing with a generation full of ideas, motivated and hardworking. The blog’s ambition was therefore to give visibility to all these people, then to launch an e-commerce approach.

The blog was launched in November 2012 and luckily became part of Nelly Rodi’s newsletter a Parisian trend office, which quickly enabled them to acquire a notoriety and credibility. From that day, he was contacted by about 10 brands per day, who wanted to be present on the site. The online store was launched in March 2014.

Dive into an inspiring world!

At Les Petits Frenchies, the initiatives undertaken by the young French as well as all the France has to offer are highlighted!

The founder says it himself! He is proud of the new generation that is in action filled with energy, ideas and creativity. He continues to promote French startups that he holds for their audacity, their ambition and their creativity! Today he and his team continue to support brands who share their values. Not a day goes by without that something inspiring was born in France! Even if Thibault Mallecourt and his team are focused on the future and, they remain closely attached to their know-how, their heritage, their culture, as well as their icon. They work with the partner brands to create quality content and integrate it into their editorial line. For the selection of products, most of the brands themselves contact the contractor to offer their products. Each week he and his team will review those who contacted to make a product selection that seems promising checking even though French brand.

A creative and responsible start-up!

Most of the brands emphased on Les Petits Frenchies are made in France, or at least a part of their manufacturing process takes place in France. There is a real will to promote traditional manufacturing and know-how « à la française » but also to show that it is still possible, at the time of globalization, to manufacture in France and so, to avoid pollution and transportation logistics.

The team seeks to spotlight brand respectful of the principles of ecology and engaged in sustainable development. Bios preparations for breads, organic olive oil, recycled books, organic ice teas, eco-designed and many other paper towels still belong.

Today, the company is growing very fast but is still young. Even if they aren’t major communication campaigns, their popularity is 99% effective. Their digital communication allows them to federate an active community and quality and to ensure a daily exchange with brands and their readers. All brands of the e-shop are also on the web magazine through interviews or articles which brings them high visibility.

In this general gloom, we found in Les Petits Frenchies a lot of optimism and freshness!


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