Think like a champion

nadal think like a champion

I meet and learn from Champions every day.

Not just in my office buildings, but everywhere I go.

I’ve learned that to be a champion you have to start thinking like a champion. Altering your habits, your mindset, is the first step towards true greatness.

Champions think differently than everyone else. They have a different approach of their life, their work, and their belief system enables them to get more exposure than the rest of the pack.

Here a few bullet points of what a true champion really is:

  1.  Champions expect to win: When a champion walks into a court, a field or a meeting, he reaches for the gold, no less. Anything but a win is seen as a failure or at least a surprise. His positive beliefs lead to positive actions and outcomes. Win the battle in your mind first and you’ll make sure the hearts and minds of your clients will be yours.
  2.  Champions celebrate the small wins: a victory, small or big, is a victory. Big successes happen through the compilation of many small victories. It motivates them to go further and further, it gives them the will to work harder, practice more and believe that they always can do greater things.
  3.  Champions don’t make excuses when they don’t win: a champion focuses on what he should improve, on what he can be better. If he didn’t win at times, a champion doesn’t blame others, he blames himself. A defeat is a lesson to grow on. As a result, a champion becomes stronger, wiser and better.
  4.  Champions focus on what they get to do, not what they have to do: not everything in life is a given. A champion has the ability to look at his own path and realize that he is gifted. But great accomplishments require commitment and meticulous processing. A champion accepts that some days can be harder than others, but in the end, he will come grown and more skilled than ever.
  5. Champions have faith: faith is always greater than fear. No matter the obstacles, no matter the doubts, champions always seek positive energy. How big the challenges are, their passion and purpose always triumph. A champion never looks back, he always sees what’s best for him in the future.

Being a champion is not something innate. You are not born a champion. If you don’t think you have what it takes to be one, think again. If you set your mind on the right objectives and put every mean in your basket, an incredible journey awaits you.

Champions are shaped and molded. And who ever said you couldn’t become one ?

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