Fortune magazine last year published its annual ranking of the 500 largest companies in the world according to their turnover. A prize list that reserves a lot of surprises.

1- Walmart

Walmart is a multinational American company specializing in mass retailing. She is number one in the USA. In Europe, Walmart exists in Great Britain under the name Asda.

2- Sinopec Group
The Sinopec Group is a state-owned company that operates oil fields around the world, including Nigeria. By 2014, they had sales of $ 446,811 billion.

3- Shell
Royal Shell is an oil company based in The Hague. Until 2013, it was the first oil group in the world. Royal Dutch Petroleum is in fact a grouping of several companies whose main activity is the extraction, processing or distribution of petroleum products.

4- China National Petroleum
The China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) is a Chinese national petroleum company specializing in petroleum. It is present in many countries and has long been the company with the largest number of employees, with a workforce of approximately 1,674,550.

5- ExxonMobil Corporation
The main business of Exxon, a US company, derived from Standard Oil, is the refining and distribution of hydrocarbons. It has a turnover of 393.97 billion dollars and is the second market capitalization on its entry into the NYSE in 1975.

6- BP
British Petroleum is also an oil company based in the United Kingdom. Since 1909, they have been engaged in research, extraction, refining and sale of oil.

7 – State Grid
The State Grid Corporation of China is a Chinese company whose activity is the management of networks. The CCMS is the world’s largest network operator, transporter and distributor in terms of number of employees (1,564,000). They manage the distribution of electricity in China. The company is also public, as the biggest Chinese companies.

8- Volkswagen
The Volkswagen group was hit hard by the Volkswagen scandal. The first automobile manufacturer has defrauded large-scale anti-pollution tests on nearly half a million cars sold in the United States. But will this affect their future results? Nothing certain. The Wolfsburg firm has a turnover of more than $ 200 billion.

9- Toyota Motors
With Volkswagen and General Motors, Toyota Motors is one of the world’s three largest automakers. The Japanese firm is ranked 9th in the ranking.

10- Glencore
If Volkswagen could in the future enjoy a brand image soiled by the scandal of pollution fraud, what about Glencore? The Swiss company of trading, brokerage and extraction of raw materials. It is undoubtedly one of the most controversial on the planet. Its founder is a former tax exile, to develop the firm in Switzerland. The group also manages the lead market to 50%





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